Some Carpet cleaning Golden Nuggets


While you are spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting suitable carpet cleaning company, there are measures to ensure your carpet looks elegant as it should. A professional will evaluate a carpet based on its condition; how dirty the carpet is, the level of stains, the area of the carpet to be cleaned, time bound and how quick the carpet needs drying and back in working order for your home or business.



When it comes to hiring a professional or a company to clean your carpet, it’s important to be informed that some methods require greater skill set than others. Here are a few methods that may suit your choice:



Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is an interim maintenance carpet cleaning method that is used in commercial cleaning. It involves cleaning the top part of the carpet fiber using a spinning pad that is immersed in a cleaning solution, to absorb dirt from the carpet surface; followed by thorough vacuuming. This method gives a quick fix especially in heavy traffic areas that needs many carpets to be cleaned quickly without much moisture, hence eases drying.

Bonneting doesn’t clean carpet deeply; dirt and chemical residues can emerge from beneath and back to the surface. It is therefore not suitable to be used regularly.


Steam cleaning

This method is also known as hot water extraction. It involves vacuuming to remove soils from the carpet after which it is subjected to pressured hot water to remove dirt. For a better result, the carpet needs some spray or detergents. Keep the carpet for about 15-30 minutes and allow time for the detergent to work on stubborn stains and dirt. Hot water is then introduced to dissolve dirt further for better removal. The only way to attain cleanliness without chemical detergent left on your carpet is through the use of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is not only used to blow off chemical detergents but also speed up drying.

Vacuuming, therefore, makes this method the most suitable for customers with chemical allergies or asthma.


Dry cleaning

Also referred to as compound cleaning technique; It’s the latest technology in the field of carpet cleaning. It is safe for all varieties of carpets, and it’s largely recommended for both commercial offices and busy hotels that operate 24/7. This method starts by application of cleaning compound or solvents to break down whatever dirt they find. The machine uses a motorized counter rotating brush which opens up the carpet fiber for deep cleansing. The brush has a biodegradable material that works like a micro-sponge absorbing dissolved dirt hence removing it thoroughly at the end of the process.




Thinking of shampooing your carpet, then consider using an eco-friendly detergent. You can consult manufacturers or specialist about the recommended chemicals to use for some might not be as safe; as some may have adverse effect on the carpet fabric. When using shampoo, wash the carpet with plenty of water after which air blowers can be used to speed up the drying process. Ensure the carpet dries completely to avoid breeding of bacteria or mold.



Carpets are a necessity in all homes, it not only keeps your house warm, but it also keeps it appealing and stylish; but when dirty and stained, opps! This is not a problem anymore with the above cleaning methods.